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Step back in time when America was at its greatest and the economy was booming in the 50's. The 1951 Mercury was and still is the most sought after American car around. This is one of the vary few 1951 Merc's that hasn't been cut, chopped, converted or ripped apart by customizers. This is an original 1951 Mercury Coupe with original Flathead 255 cubic inch engine, no a/c, 3 on the tree manual trans and powered by a 6 volt battery. When i purchased this car years ago I was told it has been sitting in a garage for about 30 years unfinished, so I finished it. What you see is the finished product.

This Mercury is available for any of our services we offer. I am willing to loan this car out to any location for any length of time or type of event, photo shoot or movie, etc.. If you would like to see more of this 1951 Mercury, visit our Facebook page and look under photos and select 1951 Mercury Restoration album. There you will see this Mercury as well as the restoration process that was done. You can access more photos of our other rides as well.


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