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2010 Camaro RS, 1969 Camaro Retro

The Camaro on the right is a 1969 Camaro RS. Our 2010 Camaro RS is a factory reproduction replica of the 1969. The instrument panel inside as well as the console and dash all reflect the interior of the 1969. The leather two tone seats and steering wheel are stitched in orange for that more custom look. This Camaro has been lowered 2" and a complete custom ground effect kit was installed. The 3 piece deep dish wheels give it that Muscle car look. Our Camaro has 304HP compared to the 1969 at 290HP. The 6 speed trans along with the K&N cold air induct going out the custom MRT exhaust pipes to give it that great sound of a hot rod. For just for a little more power the motor has been chipped so this Camaro definitely moves!

This Camaro is not available for chauffeur services but it can be driven for any movie or video needs. All other services we offer including long term rentals over 24 hours are available.

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